Friday, January 27, 2012

More Gems from Christmas Break

Skyping with Ross on Christmas!

Lexie and her cousin Leesie (Elise) holding hands. Sorry for the absurd giggling. We were pretty excited.

Friday, January 6, 2012

These Stone Walls

 Four seasons from our back deck.
First off, Sam is a graduate! Wahoo! I'm so proud of all his hard work and I can't wait to move on with the next stage of our lives.

So, right after returning home from our two week break in Georgia, we had to pack to move from our cozy apartment in student housing. We actually had less than 4 days to do it since our move-out date was so close. We're not going far, just a cute basement apartment in south Provo with lots more space and way more amenities, but I admit I'm much more affected by this move than I thought I would be.

I hated Wymount for so long. The "prison walls", and old appliances, and lack of ventilation through the seasons, and very old plumbing, and 50 year old wear, and cramped spaces. When we first moved in after we got married, I thought we would be gone within months and on with our lives, but here we stayed for 3 long years. I resisted putting down roots with all my might, but now it's all I know, and in spite of myself I ache knowing we have to leave.

These stone walls were our first home, the place we celebrated countless holidays and three anniversaries.

These stone walls saw hundreds of hours of cooking together in the tiny kitchen, several facelifts, and entertaining friends, family, and ward members.

Here was where we came home to after many vacations, and many long days of classes and work.

Here was where I carried our first child, and where we first brought her home.

"What are four walls anyway? They are what they contain."    - Under the Tuscan Sun
Thanks, Wymount. You've contained the roots of my little family. You will be sorely missed.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas in Dixie

We had a marvelous 2 week Christmas break in Georgia, even if it felt like April. We left a snow-less Utah to temperatures in the 60's in Atlanta. I guess it wasn't a white Christmas for anyone!

Traveling with the little one sure was interesting. She slept soundly until our layover in Denver, where after a major blowout and a meltdown, she fell soundly asleep again until Atlanta.

It was wonderful for her to see all her family. She sure got lots of attention.
 Even the cats found her interesting.
We learned that she loves to watch TV. Here she is enjoying "The Santa Clause". 
The cousins with "Aunt Katie"!
Christmas pictures

Elise and Alexis on Christmas Eve with visions of milk dancing in their heads
Grandma and Grandpa Shannon got her this sweet outfit for Christmas Eve that says "Santa's little helper"
Sleeping through present opening on Christmas day.