Friday, August 10, 2012

Farewell Utah

As we prepare to shove of from the safe port of college-town-and-young-family-ville, USA, I'm inclined to reflect on all the things I will miss about this place. (There is a laundry list of things I will not miss about Utah, so let's keep things positive:)

The beautiful mountains. There's something almost magical about the way they turn red at sunset.
snow at Christmastime,
Patriotism. I'll give 'em this: Utahns sure are proud of their state and national history. 
Great pre-natal and pediatric care. I mean, sure you can find that other places too, but it's hard to beat the experience of the state that delivers more babies than any other in the nation. Plus, I love that Alexis's pediatrician has like 7 kids of his own. Now that's training.
In-N-Out (The best burgers ever invented.)
I mean real camping,
desert camping even,
 a temple always close by,
 and hiking, and hot springs, and National Parks too

Summer evenings that are delightfully cool and humidity-free, and the days are sunny 90% of the time.

Family-friendly activities everywhere you go.
Fry sauce. I mocked it, I tried it, I ate my words.
Vibrant fall colors. You wouldn't think so, but there are so few evergreens in the valley that ALL the leaves change. I especially loves how it starts in the mountains in September and moves its way into the valley. I really do love autumn in the west.
I'll miss the friendships made, and the comfort of being peculiar together, and most importantly, the memories.

Lest we forget, Sam and I attended college here, interned, worked many jobs, lived many places, fell in love, spent all of our marriage, and started our family.

Oh ok, Utah. You win. I'll miss you....kind of.