Friday, May 24, 2013

A Good Year

Well, here we are in 2013. We've got big news! But to start, here's a recap of the year so far:

In January I certified as a Zumba Instructor! We headed out to Hilton Head, South Carolina for the weekend where I spent a loooooong, but amazing day of training.

The amazing Loretta Bates
(Meanwhile, the rest of the family played on the beach.)
Since February I've been teaching free classes at the church every week and subbing at lots of gyms...and hoping for a full-time gig in the summer.

Teaching at World Gym (sorry the picture is so blurry)
 With the amazing Kareen (aka Zumba Queen of Fayette County)
And finally.....WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! Months of hunting and a nightmare of a process when we finally did find "the one", but as of today it's OURS! Inside "before" pictures to come. We still have some renovation projects to do before move-in, but that's the fun part. :)

Some other exciting things:
Family fun at the Valentine's Dance
Wouldn't be complete without some Latin dance!
We went to our first Hawks game
Fun in Senoia (this photo was not husband-approved)...
We were all rather sick for two weeks with stomach flus, respiratory illness, and croup
We got better, and in April we ran the Warrior Dash and got a wee bit dirty
I turned 26!
I've been working from home doing social media and online marketing for my Mom's newly-released book. Speaking of which, EVERYONE GO BUY IT NOW! :)
 And ooooooh, this crazy girl,
 this crazy, crazy girl...
She is talking up a storm, constantly running around with her puppy (a gift from Grandma and Grandpa), and getting VERY willful.
Her first day going to nursery. She was very excited.
She was actually getting her first ear infection, little did we know.
She is so smart, so funny, so strong, so creative.
 We love her to the moon.
Once again, May has proven to be a month of good things. Looking forward to a delicious Georgia summer.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The 4th Quarter

Blogging these days seems silly, since:

1. My family are pretty much the only ones who read it and I see them regularly now
2. I don't have much time to blog
3. What I do blog (mainly pictures of the little one) get put on Facebook anyway

But anyway, all that said I present a photo essay on the latest in year-end happenings:

Our "Baby Boo" had a frightfully good 1st birthday:

 Dressed as a birthday cupcake for our church Trunk-or-Treat
 Last-minute Clark Kent and Lois Lane
 With Mammy on her actual birthday
 We spent Halloween afternoon in the cutest General Store pumpkin patch 
We've been richly blessed with Sam's new job. In November we bought our first car! Or rather...truck!
We then sent him off on his first business trip... this fabulous city!
Then enjoyed good turkey and good times on Thanksgiving
including good times with old friends (Steph and Rikki I LOVED getting to see you and your boys!)
 ...and a last-minute adventure to Myrtle Beach
 And now here we are into the Christmas season.

...enjoying one another, and all we have to be grateful for this year.