Friday, June 22, 2012

Memorial Day Trip and Southern Son

Sooo, remember that time when I had a very hyper baby who got into everything and never gave me a spare moment to put my hair up or fold the laundry or organize the back room that I've attempted to do for the millionth time and I worked in the afternoon too?

Wait, that time is now? Oh yeah. Facebook and Pinterest should reeeaallly take less of my time in the evenings, but for real: when you've been busy all. day. long. do you really want to spend your free time doing more housework or chores? I submit that you do NOT! Babies. Sheesh.

Ok, back to fun things.

Over Memorial Day week we enjoyed another lovely trip to Georgia, this time to celebrate my wee niece's 1st birthday!

Isn't she darling? It was the most tender and dainty destruction of a first birthday cupcake I'd ever seen.
Now this one, on the other hand, went nuts for the Shannon's dog like the crazy girl she is.
 Playing at Jenn and Sterling's.
Cute cousins.
 Mammy and her grandbabies
 Touring historic Roswell
A tender moment with Grandpa Shannon
On our last day we all enjoyed a jaunt to the Georgia Renaissance Festival where none of us had been in over 12 years.
The men enjoyed turkey legs and feats of strength.
Alexis enjoyed the view from the stroller, but preferred to be carried like a Princess (it was the Renaissance Festival after all)
 Despite the face here, she enjoyed the petting zoo most of all. (Duh, dogs!),
 and was adorable the entire time
And then came the leaving - even the weather was sad for me. We flew through a thunderstorm over Denver that nearly scared the pants off me.
And now we're home, continuing to work for (and pray for) a job, and counting the days until the beach!

P.S. Remember this? Well, it's now this:

And it is brilliant beyond brilliant. To be fair, I've also read the 2nd and 3rd in the series, but I still have a special love for Doc Holliday's beginnings in Georgia. It is available for pre-order through Knox Robinson Publishing and I strongly suggest you look into it. ;)