Monday, December 10, 2012

The 4th Quarter

Blogging these days seems silly, since:

1. My family are pretty much the only ones who read it and I see them regularly now
2. I don't have much time to blog
3. What I do blog (mainly pictures of the little one) get put on Facebook anyway

But anyway, all that said I present a photo essay on the latest in year-end happenings:

Our "Baby Boo" had a frightfully good 1st birthday:

 Dressed as a birthday cupcake for our church Trunk-or-Treat
 Last-minute Clark Kent and Lois Lane
 With Mammy on her actual birthday
 We spent Halloween afternoon in the cutest General Store pumpkin patch 
We've been richly blessed with Sam's new job. In November we bought our first car! Or rather...truck!
We then sent him off on his first business trip... this fabulous city!
Then enjoyed good turkey and good times on Thanksgiving
including good times with old friends (Steph and Rikki I LOVED getting to see you and your boys!)
 ...and a last-minute adventure to Myrtle Beach
 And now here we are into the Christmas season.

...enjoying one another, and all we have to be grateful for this year.