Friday, May 18, 2012

May of Good Things

(*I hate not blogging. Believe me, I would have loved to have been posting regular updates on Alexis's development and all our goings-on, but life has been too busy. Oh well!)

So that brings us to now. I love May. I was born in May. I got engaged in May. I got healthy after months of gallbladder disease and got my first real job after college in May. May is full of holidays, fantastic weather, the end of the school year and the start of summer. What's not to love?

So far, this May has been a month of good things. For one, miss smarty-pants is crawling, sporting two pearly whites on bottom, babbles like crazy, and is growing up way too fast. She's also starting to SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!! Talk about VERY good things!

Goofy girl
 Behold the crawling:

I am also feeling pretty good as I'm now officially PRE pre-baby weight! Yes, folks, I haven't been this size in 3 years. Heck, I'm wearing shorts I haven't fit since my Honeymoon! Thank you, breastfeeding! (You have my permission to be impressed....or embarrassed for me. Or both.) Moving on...

This last week has been busy, but awesome. We got to get away to Sundance for the night last weekend and enjoy the mountain air. Stewart Falls is a stunning hike, from start to finish.
Alexis was cooing the whole way. I think she enjoyed the view even more than we did.
Reaching the falls.
After a phenomenal hike, we enjoyed a fantastic dinner at the Foundry Grill. Who needs foil dinners and s'mores when you could have filet mignon and chocolate mascarpone cheescake?! A BIG thank you to my bosses for the birthday treat!
Admiring the aspens and mountain views.
Poor thing was so tired, and subsequently wired, from all our adventures that day. This was just moments before the rocking-forward-turns-into-head-smashing-the-table debacle.
 Our home for the night: the beautiful Storybook Stone Cottage.
We took the loft bedroom up those cool stairs with baby downstairs.
Patio and landscaping
Hot tub on the mountain stream. Amazing way to relax and unwind, believe me. 
*If you think this cottage is beautiful, you need to check out Yes, this is one of our vacation rental cabins I help manage at work, so call it a shameless plug, but you would not believe some of the others here in Sundance. Past clientele includes: Ben Stiller and family, Matthew Perry, Supreme Court justices, Jersey Shore celebrities, and more. For real, we're awesome. Back to the post...

My loves on Mother's Day morning.
We got back just in time to Skype with the whole family across the globe (including Ross in Chile)!
My first mother's day present: custom M&M's! (The white one on the left is Alexis's face. My baby's face on an M&M!)
After a great Mother's Day, my birthday was only two days later. After some sweet cards, a new movie, beautiful Stargazer lilles, and my standing birthday tradition to listen to 80's music - particularly Boston - Sam surprised me with dinner here: The Chef's Table.
All I can say is: wow! Amazing service, beautiful views on the hill overlooking Utah Valley as the sun set, and the best chicken I've ever tasted in 25 years of life. Sam and I are food snobs, so we had high expectations, but this place did not disappoint. I'm no longer a 5 star dining virgin!
Napolean au chocolat - every bite was heaven
And because a week of good food wasn't enough, we had to have gourmet cupcakes too. (What was that I said about my current weight?)
Happy 25th to me! The day definitely made up for last year.

Next on the docket: a week-long trip to Georgia! Huzzah for the month of good things!