Monday, October 22, 2012

Our Welcome Home

Back in August, when we pulled out of Utah for a very long two day drive back to our homeland of Georgia, we really had no idea what lay ahead and why we felt we should go. Boy has the Lord been good to us since we made that decision!: family galore, fun times, Sam getting a great job that was very clearly prepared for him, new callings and opportunities, and prayers answered.

Alexis with Grandma & Mammy her first Sunday back
 Family Beach Trip! 
Her first time seeing the ocean...
...and Elise's first time, haha.
 Sisters reunited!
Celebrating 4 years with an evening in Pensacola.
Snuggling with Papa while Mommy & Daddy were out
We've enjoyed several Braves games,

Drove a whooooole lot up to Wisconsin to see family and beautiful fall colors (and a LOT of farmland like this while heading through Illinois)
 I've gotten REALLY into this:
Helped throw an awesome Hoedown designed and coordinated by none other than my awesome Mom (and took some sultry, old-timey photos)
Ran the Peachtree City Classic for the first time with Dad and the sissies (and achieving my best 5k time yet!)
currently having lots of fun planning a Halloween 1st birthday bash for this crazy girl:
And trying to enjoy her last few weeks of babyhood as much as I can.
It's hard to believe we've been here for over 2 months. It's felt like much longer since we've done so much. Life is good here and we couldn't have made a better choice.