Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Updates

And now for my next trick: the monthly blog update (someday I will blog more often. But not now).

First off: we're moving! And not just anywhere, we're moving to our beloved Georgia! I'm so grateful that this is where we're being lead. Call me boring, but going back "home" to settle is the greatest thing I could ever wish for. I AM DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY!
Alexis-girl is almost 9 months old and growing too fast! She took off crawling at 6 months and has never looked back. She can now pull up to a full stand holding on with only one hand (she's been doing that for weeks), and has even been documented walking across the room while pushing the laundry basket. We think she'll be full-on walking by fall. She will also soon be sporting 6 whole teeth and LOVES to feed herself. She'll eat just about anything we give her. (I'm also planning her first birthday (whaaaaaat?? how is my baby almost one?) and it's going to be so stinking adorable...
 ...just like her.

We've enjoyed some good holidays over the last month or so. Sam got spoiled rotten on Father's Day, if I do say so myself, though he does such a fantastic job being a part-time stay-at-home Daddy to Alexis that he totally deserves it.

We also had a pretty good July 4th. Alexis and I matched, ventured out to the Freedom Festival in downtown Provo (and roasted), grilled out, then she was surprisingly happy about being kept up so late to watch the fireworks at the Stadium of Fire. 

 Brats and blueberries - yum!
Now she's thoroughly enjoying all the boxes to play on as we get ready to move. Just a few more weeks, people, and we'll be Georgia peaches!