Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sweet Southern Comfort

We're finally back from our much-needed 2 week vacation! We flew out to Georgia and were quickly overwhelmed by the humidity. I really don't remember it ever being so bad. The night we got in was Amy Galli and Ryan Turner's Reception and I was so glad I could make it! They looked so happy.

Stephanie, Amy, and I.

We ate Zaxby's! I get it twice a year and I'm always excited.

Sam relaxed and caught up with old friend Meep.

Then we got to the beach! Check out that view!

And that one!...

...and that one! Notice the nice hot tub, which was frequented only by us.

The boys got right to puzzling.

And Sam bonded with new friend Ethan.

Here was Ethan's play pool,

but he seemed to prefer lounging safely away from the sand and salt water.

Oh, and I found a hermit crab.
And my sweetie looked dang good on the beach.

Sam bonded with his nephew even more and taught him about shapes.

We ate some really good seafood,

and saw a guy order the restaurant's burger challenge: the Jetty Giant.

I love Destin Harbor.

The boys feeding the fish.

Ethan with his momma,

and his auntie.

We went to this water park - Big Kahuna's,

and got up early to watch the sunset on the last day.

No dolphins out for their morning promenade, though. A beach trip first.

When we got back to Georgia, we had anniversary cake.

Happy 2 years to us!

Then we packed up our new car - the Mazda Protege - and drove back to Utah. I was too busy driving or sleeping during those two 13-15 hour days to take pictures, but they looked a lot like this:

(Photos courtesy of my last trips to and from Utah in 2007 and 2008.)

It was a wonderful trip, but boy does it feel good to be home! I'm refreshed, more freckled, and ready for all that fall has in store.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Best Day of My Life

Two years ago today I married the love of my life. We were just two crazy BYU freshman from Georgia who had to travel 2,000 miles from home to fall in love. Then one mission/two years of college, (and a very quick engagement) later, we were sealed together forever.

I remember it being very overcast and windy that day because we were experiencing the outer bands of a Hurricane over the Atlantic coast, but even that couldn't spoil my happiness. I remember picking up my gorgeous peach and coral flowers on the way to the Atlanta Temple, and how I felt seeing Sam just before the ceremony, thinking how amazing that this was really happening.

I remember my fabulous dress that made me feel like a real bride the second I first tried it on. I had looked at a few others, but had a gut feeling that this dress I had been eyeing for years was the one for me. (I found my groom the same way.) I loved feeling so beautiful for him.

I remember our beautiful late-summer reception lit up with all the lanterns that I had picked, and dancing with my new husband.

After mingling, more dancing, (and not eating nearly enough of the great food), we left amid gold sparklers for our Honeymoon and a relaxing cruise in the Bahamas.

Most importantly, I remember my wedding day that I had spent my life dreaming about came and went in such a blur like everyone says it does, because it's really not about the details, (nor does it matter that not everything goes perfectly,) it's about starting of a fabulous new life with your best friend. It's been a great two years and I can't wait for many more.

Happy Anniversary, Samuel!

We're still here in Georgia and have a few more days before leaving for our road trip to Utah with our new car. I'm so grateful we've had this time to relax here and at the beach. I'll give you the summary when we get back!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Almost There!

On a much more positive note than my last post - less than a week until we leave for Georgia and our 2 week vacation!! I am so ready!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Disappointing anniversary?

So Sam and I will be in Georgia on our Anniversary during our family vacation and I'm totally at a loss as to what to do to celebrate. For one, we're only in Georgia for a limited time, and are on a pretty tight schedule while there. Second, our real anniversary is on Sunday so we'll be celebrating on the 23rd. I'm perfectly fine with that, except everything fun we keep thinking up as an option is not an option on that day: The Braves are away, Six Flags (we were really excited about this one) is closed, nothing's showing at the Fox, etc. Even the Atlanta Temple where we were married is under renovation, so we can't go or even drive past to see it lit up at night. If it weren't for the fact that we would be leaving for our cross-country trip back to Utah the next day, it would be really fun to drive back to Tybee where we got engaged. We don't need to do anything too extravagent, but I was so looking forward to doing something besides going out to eat! That was all we did last year for our first anniversary, (well, that and waking up in a cold tent that morning after our ward campout.)

I guess the desperation comes as a result of knowing that in the next year or two we will have started our family and that will greatly limit where and what we can do to celebrate our anniversary, and I really want to live this one up. I sort of feel like it's our only chance to do it. I know that in the long run how you celebrate your anniversary is not so important as looking back and seeing how far you've come as a couple, remembering the promises you've made, and looking forward to your future. (Cheesy much?) Nevertheless, I'm really hoping to figure out something that meets all our criteria. Then I can relax and look forward to our trip. So, whatever we choose must be:

1. Not too expensive. We're willing to splurge a bit, but within reason
2. Doesn't require an inordinate amount of time, i.e. a trip to Tybee, but Atlanta is perfectly fine.
3. Fun! A movie or dinner alone just seems like a cop-out.
4. If possible, at least somewhat romantic. It's the anniversary of our wedding day, after all.

Here's to finding the perfect date!